Early Retirement for International Expats

Early Retirement for Entrepreneurial Expats

When most people think of retirement the first thought that comes to their mind is their grandparents. Older individuals who have spent their lives working because that’s what society told them they were supposed to do with their entire lives: work it away until there was nothing left but the twilight years to sit back and actually relax a little bit with free time that is your “reward” for years of service to the country. But there is a new wave of players on the field, and they are choosing to turn the tables on the system. They are the entrepreneurial expats of the world.

Expats are individuals who choose to live in another country rather than their own, and while traditionally it was mostly a title reserved for those retirees who had already retired and were living abroad on their pension to enjoy a lower cost of living, the modern day entrepreneurs are choosing to utilize the same concept for an early retirement. When you can take your Western average salary of 30k Euro or 36k USD per year and utilize a country where the cost of living is a mere $10,000 per year for a middle class life, achieving an early retirement becomes a reality.

This is why so many expats are choosing to live abroad, because they can put a minimum of $25,000 per year back in their bank accounts rather than spend it on a cost of living that is beyond absurd in places like the United States. And when you look at the fact that brand new houses in modern subdivisions can be picked up for a mere $40,000 to $50,000 in countries like Uruguay or Chile, you can easily retire in as little as two years if you play your cards right and utilize the expat strategy of living in a country where the cost of living is as cheap as possible.

No one wants to spend 40 years working their lives away, slaves to a clock that tells them they must work 40 hours per week, 50 weeks a year, 40 years or more until they pay off the 300,000 dollars of debt most Americans have by the time they are 30 years of age. Why spend 225,000 dollars on a house in the U.S. when you can have the same thing in a country like Brazil for a mere 40k or 50k? Why be a wage slave for four decades when you can enjoy an early retirement as an expat while living in another country?

This is the reality of the modern day expat, and it is the reason more and more people are choosing to be global citizens rather than slaves to a government or country that only wants to take, take and take some more until you are left with nothing. Free yourself today. Unplug from The Matrix and start living abroad alongside other savvy expats so you can achieve an early retirement long before the time you are a grandparent.

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